eyeliner tattoo Atlanta permanent eyeliner near me

SESSION 1 = Actual procedure 3 hours
SESSION 2 = Follow-up appointment 2-3 hours (after 30-45 days)

Follow-up appointment is crucial for the best results and is industry standard.


$500 initial visit

$300 follow-up/touch-up visit

Soft Eyeliner for a Gorgeous, Glamorous yet Natural Look.

Semi-permanent eyeliner tattoos are fast becoming a high demand beauty treatment, saving thousands of women time and effort every day when they want to look their best. Applying your own eyeliner can be tricky, especially through the bleary haze of the early morning rush. By choosing a semi-permanent soft eyeliner, you can enjoy looking your best from the moment you open your eyes.

Eyeliner styles can be infinitely tailored to suit your preferences and the shape of your eyes and face, so you can match your personal style in a perfect way.

Soft Eyeliner is a trendy variation of a classic eyeliner. This advanced permanent makeup technique is used by artists around the world to accentuate clients’ eyes in the most flattering way possible.

Similar to other permanent makeup procedures, soft eyeliner endures a 4-6 week touch-up period after the initial session. However, once your touch-up is done the results last up to 2-3 years.


  • Eye shape and definition Improvement
  • No more smeared eyeliner
  • Custom blended color
  • Safe, medical grade pigments
  • Result lasting up to 3 years