Lip tattoo lip filler lip blush

SESSION 1 = Actual procedure 3 hours
SESSION 2 = Follow-up appointment 2-3 hours (after 30-45 days)

Follow-up appointment is crucial for the best results and is industry standard.


$500 initial visit

$300 follow-up/touch-up visit

There’s no other makeup ritual that has to be repeated as often as the reapplication of lipsticks, liners and glosses. It smears off eating, drinking, sweating, kissing your baby, or just by talking! Permanent lip makeup frees you from the nuisance of reapplying lipstick ten times a day, and the embarrassment of lipstick coming off on everything from mugs to a special someone’s face.

It’s no secret that permanent lip makeup is becoming more and more popular among women of all ages across the world. Aside from saving time, permanent lip makeup helps you stay confident, look and feel fabulous no matter what!

Matte Lips is a groundbreaking permanent makeup procedure utilizing a proprietary shading technique. This treatment shapes and defines your natural lip line as well as enhances your natural lip color, giving your lips a healthy, more youthful appearance. Matte Lips permanent makeup is a safe and comfortable cosmetic tattoo procedure.

Matte Lips effect is created by adding layers of shade in the chosen color in multiple passes, building the concentration of pigment to a desired saturation. By meticulous color placement, we can slightly modify the shape of the lips to take care of any possible asymmetry and diminish the look of any scars and discoloration. At Permanent Cosmetics BeautiQ we use only safe, hypoallergenic, natural, custom blended colors.

Matte Lips Permanent Makeup Procedure

Your permanent lip makeup procedure will start with a consultation. We will look at your face and lip shape and discuss all the details. We will draw in your color in pencil, and once you’ve settled on your shape and color, lay back and let us do our magic!

You’ll be numbed by a topical anesthetic for minimum discomfort, and we will use state-of-the-art technology to artistically create your new perfect lips. Because the permanent makeup is only going into the upper dermal layer of your skin, it will fade in 1-3 years. This semi-permanence is ideal because lip and facial shapes change over time, as do lip style trends.

There is almost no downtime after the procedure. When you walk out the door you will enjoy the new freedom from hours of applying and reapplying lipstick, as well as never again glancing in the mirror and wondering how long the glob of lipstick has been on your teeth.

Permanent Cosmetics BeautiQ goes above and beyond to make sure your Matte Lips permanent makeup treatment is safe, comfortable, and results oriented. Our studio follows the highest hygiene standards. It is approved by the Georgia Department of Public Health, we carry all the necessary certificates, and are fully licensed and insured with all the proper permits and licenses.

IMPORTANT: If you are prone to cold sores or have had one in the past, you will need an antiviral prescription from your doctor as a preventative measure before a lip procedure.


  • Natural lip enhancement
  • Adding missing bow above your lip
  • No lipstick “bleeding” into fine lines around your mouth
  • Full, youthful appearance
  • Individually designed shape
  • Color rejuvenation
  • Scars and Discoloration Diminishment⁣⁣
  • Safe, medical grade pigments
  • Result lasting up to 3 years