Natalia is the Founder of Permanent Cosmetics BeautiQ and Lead PMU Artist.

She believes that natural looking permanent makeup can transform someone’s life by enhancing their appearance and boosting their confidence. Giving a woman perfectly shaped beautiful eyebrows, adding color and natural definition to her lips, or lifting her eyes with a smudge-proof permanent eyeliner are not the only things that are so fulfilling. It is also the instant smile a client gives when looking in the mirror for the first time after getting the look they have always dreamed of. It is the feeling of endless gratitude a permanent makeup artist receives after each procedure. It’s the recreation of a hyperrealistic areola for a breast cancer survivor or a hairline restoration for someone who suffers from hair loss by creating an undetectable illusion of fuller head of hair. It is making difference in someone’s life by helping them feel confident about their appearance again.

The passion for permanent makeup and the commitment Natalia has towards her clients motivate her to become better every day and constantly improve her skills by learning the newest upscale PMU techniques from the top permanent makeup artists worldwide.

Thanks to Natalia’s background in art and design, she has an incredibly keen eye for detail and aesthetics when it comes to semi-permanent cosmetic procedures. She creates an individual look for each of her clients and is dedicated to helping them make their aesthetic dreams a reality. Therefore, Natalia takes special time with all of her clients to ensure they understand the process and have right expectations during the procedure and throughout the healing process. 

Permanent Cosmetics BeautiQ is a permanent makeup studio conveniently located in Downtown Alpharetta, Georgia. Our studio is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and follows the highest hygiene standards. This new generation technology is completely safe for all cosmetic procedures, it minimizes discomfort and trauma to the skin. The supreme quality pigments comply with international safety standards and have a magical color range to meet and exceed your expectations.

Permanent Cosmetics BeautiQ – Your Premier Destination for modern semi-permanent makeup in Atlanta!